Checklist for doing any lifting on your construction site

Checklist for doing any lifting on your construction site
Checklist for doing any lifting on your construction site

Lifting any type of load, whether it’s construction materials or equipment, or even people, is a big part of construction operations – not to mention extremely dangerous! All it takes is one little error which will lead to unwanted damage costs, employees getting hurt and ultimately your business being shut down. And that’s why planning is so crucial here! So to help you prevent unwanted accidents on your construction site while lifting, use this checklist, consisting of fie simple questions…

Use this checklist before doing any lifting on your construction site

QUESTION#1: If you’re using a crane, have you chosen the correct one for the lift?

The crane must: · Be able to lift the heaviest load for that specific job and must have capacity to spare; and · Be small enough to get in and out of the site as well as operate within it.

QUESTION#2: Have you inspected the lifting machinery?

Before using the lifting machinery (such as a crane), along with its supporting equipment, you must check to see if it’s safe. Also ensure that its statutory inspection and test report is up to date.

QUESTION#3: Have you double-checked the safety devices?

Make sure that all safety devices are fitted to the lifting machinery and ensure that they’re in good working order.

QUESTION#4: Have you checked relevant records before issuing a permit?

You must go through the operators’ training and operating records. If you’re happy with them, then only issue an authority-to-operate permit.

QUESTION#5: Have you thoroughly checked the location?

You must put the lifting machinery in a safe and suitable place and ensure that: The operator can see clearly everywhere where the crane must operate; It’s well away from excavations; It’s clear of all live electrical power lines; and that the machinery is on level ground which can take its full weight as well as the load.



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