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Zimbabwe avails US $30m for Matabeleland South Roads project

The government of Zimbabwe has availed US $30m  for various roads in Matabeleland South province under the road development programme that will see maintenance of roads and undertaking of developmental projects in the province.

Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister, Joel Biggie Matiza confirmed the reports and said that addressing the road and traffic state of the province is part of the goals of the devolution agenda that President Mnangagwa is promoting as a developmental matrix, and Matabeleland South’s position makes it critical as a transport hub, necessitating development of the infrastructure.

“Work is going to be done on five or six major roads. Contracts have already been signed and contractors are preparing to move in and by 2030, Matabeleland South will be a different place,” said Joel Biggie.

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Zimbabwe’s vision 2030

Minister of State for Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs, Abednico Ncube pointed out that infrastructure development and good road network would play a pivotal role in ensuring that the province contributed to the development of the country’s economy and attainment of vision 2030.

“As Government implemented devolution, Matabeleland South should thrive to be an economic giant with trafficable roads. He said he appointed a new Zinara board so that it could bring financial prudence to the parastatal,” said Abednico Ncube.

Moreover, the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) is already carrying out road projects worth US $6m in the same province. However, Joel Biggie Matiza warned of exposing local authorities who have not submitted their acquittals to Zinara which results to delays in accessing funds.
“Road authorities should also play their part because I am informed that only 25% of local authorities have submitted their acquittals to Zinara so that they can access more funds.I will soon expose councils which are sitting on those papers and not moving at the same pace with Government in road projects,” said the transport Minister.


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