Copper roof installation

Copper roof installation

Designing a new roof can be a tough and challenging task. You should always strive to get the maximum perfection out of the style, design, and material of your roof. And there is no better way than copper.

Copper roof installation is the gold of metal roofing. It is actually one of the oldest metals used in history and its durability and sustainability are brilliant. Over the years, there has been numerous innovation in the field of copper roof designing. What is more, more and more house owners opt for this sophisticated meta for their roof. Here some insights on what to expect when installing a copper roof in your home.

Copper roof 101

Besides its fantastic shade of color, copper is a type of material that doesn’t have an expiration date. It will never rust or corrode unlike other metals such as aluminum or steel. That is due to completely natural process called patination, where there is no need to ever re-coat or paint.

Let’s also point out that copper is extremely strong metal, many craftspeople have forged this orange-brown delight into tools and weapons. Nowadays, next to many other usages, copper became a mainstream building material, mainly for different kinds of housing rooftops, and rooftops for particular sky-reaching buildings and domes.

It is essential to note that the color of copper starts off as gold, and after some period of time, and due to various weather conditions it can become slightly green. However, the protection and roof insulation is impeccable for years.

Types of copper roof

Copper roofing is the most extravagant feature which you can add to your home in order to upscale it. Since copper is metal, it can be altered and designed to fit according to you desirable look and taste.

You can even play with the design and only have a copper roof installed on one side of the roof, and so on. A great option to have copper panels, which come in a form of a single and standard width. Panels are actually sectional coppers sheets that are easily installed with noticeable seams.

The second type are the classical copper shingles which are most commonly used due to their price, maintenance, and durability. The experts who are installing them should only take special caution in order not to damage copper’s soft surface.

Maintenance and care

As it has been previously mentioned, copper is a natural element and it will change its color a little bit due to exposure to various weather conditions. However, there is no need to worry about some diligent maintenance, since it won’t corrode or get ruined.

On the other hand, if there comes a need for special residential roof repairs you had better contact the professionals. Not everybody is efficient enough to repair the copper rooftop because it requires specialized types of equipment, and years of experience.

Furthermore, copper won’t rust, you won’t need to put a thick layer of coat, however, from time to time, experts can come to inspect it and, if necessary, put some coating in order to extra secure it from frost and ice.

Safety above all

Copper roofs are a true definition of elegance and eternity. Above all, they are one of the safest roofing solutions that you can provide for your home. What is more, rain, snow, hail, blazing sun, and other weather mishaps can leave permanent damage on many other roofs.

Copper roofs provide superior safety from all those unpredictable weather hazards, so you won’t ever need to stress about that because copper will withstand it all. Another fantastic thing is that you won’t ever need to worry about insects or pests. Insects won’t feed on it, and fungus won’t affect it.

For those reasons more, you can expect to be safe from those nasty little pests. There is one last safety feature notable for the copper, and it’s connected to fire. You can be assured that fire won’t burn your copper roof, moreover, it will stop it from spreading further. It is again due to this majestic metal.

Upscale the value

Being one of the most superior choices of rooftops that exist, expect to pay around 20 dollars per square feet. Some owners opt for a recycled copper roof, which is also a good option since many metals are made from recycled materials and they are not too costly.

By installing copper roofing you will immediately upscale the value of your home. Just the visual appeal will provide higher real estate value, along with longevity and durability.   You can definitely expect from this beautiful and solid material great endurance and versatility in application, next to many other characteristics mentioned above.


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