7 Tips on staying safe while working with high voltage

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Electricity is an extremely dangerous power source. The effects that electricity can have on your body can be deadly. Anything from severe burns to cardiac arrest can occur if your body is shocked with an electrical current.

You must practice staying safe while working with high voltage equipment and electrical wires. There are far to many accidents that occur when a person is working with high voltage.

Here you will find a detailed list of what you should and should not due when working near or with electricity. Remember it is important that you stay safe while working with high voltage your life truly depends on it.

  1. Touch the possible high voltage area with the back of your hand before you actually grab it. If you get electrocuted it will be easier to pull the back of your hand away rather than letting go if you are holding it with your palm.
  2. Wear rubber soled shoes. They will stop the electrical current from circulating back through your body.
  3. Remove all jewlery. Most types of jewelry are made of metals which conduct electricity.
  4. Complete as much work as possible with the electrical flow cut off. Only turn the power back on when it is absolutely necessary.
  5. Never work on high voltage alone. Always work in pairs in case there is an accident.
  6. You should be alert and fully awake when working with high voltage lines. This is no time to be groggy and tired. Remember you life depends on your ability to concentrate and do the job correctly.
  7. Wear electrical gloves when at work. They should be made of leather and rubber. The rubber helps to stop the flow of electricity.

If you follow these tips you will remain safe while working with high voltage electrical wires. There is absolutely no reason for an electrical accident to occur. If you take your time and pay attention to what you are doing than safety is sure to be on your mind.


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