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Drainage control from BBA Pumps; Optimum solution for every challenge

BBA Pumps is a leading manufacturer of transportable pumps and pipes for over 60 years. They deliver their products all over the world. BBA pumps and accessories are manufactured for a variety of applications such as on construction sites for drainage, flood control, by-belt in sewers, mine drainage and in shipbuilding.

On Construction Sites for Drainage

BBA Pumps supplies the right range of pumps and pipes for the construction market. These pumps are for contaminated water with capacities up to 8000 m3 / h. and lifting heights up to 200 m. The pumps are also made in sound absorbers to work on construction sites in residential areas.

High efficiency pumps for flood protection

The flood prevention pump is used to dewater large amounts of water from the flooded area. In cases of storm water or rainfall, it is important to react quickly. The high-efficiency BA Series diesel pumps are designed to help you. 

BBA Pumps are easy to operate thanks to compact design and lightweight moving units, they pump with high efficiency up to 7800 m 3 / hour, Quick suction and re-suction due to the built-in vacuum support system and they are Quiet when operating this is a result of the excellent BBA Pumps.

High performance pumps at work

The conditions in which large portable pumps are used can be very different. They can be used as flood protection or as drainage on construction sites. For this reason, we shot a few short videos to see the pumps in action.

  • Sewage bypass pumps

The by-pass pump is used to pump sewage during sewer repairs. Seamless, temporary installation of the pump is the most important during bypass projects. The best solution for such work is a pump with a diesel engine from the BA series. Their wastewater pumps are silenced and also available with electric drive and trailer. 


• Low energy costs due to pump capacity and automatic start / stop function 
• Non-falling impeller with large free passage and self-cleaning wear plate 
• Silenced pumps with sound absorbing covers 
• Quick suction thanks to built-in vacuum assist system

How does a sewage siphon pump work?

BA wastewater pumps are equipped with all the functions needed to bypass. After installing the pump and piping, all you need to do is turn the key on the dashboard to “auto” and set off home.

The BA bypass pump starts automatically when the waste water level rises. The vacuum system quickly sucks up the liquid until the main pump is taken over. When the level in the sewage system drops, the engine is stopped again, which saves fuel and prevents unnecessary wear. 

Drainage control from BBA Pumps; Optimum solution for every challenge
  • Mining and high-pressure pumps

BBA Pumps’ transportable high-pressure pumps – up to 20 bar (290 psi) – are assisted by a vacuum pump and available with either a diesel engine or an electric motor. These pumps are used in high pressure applications like:

Construction and dredging

Over the years, The Company has delivered many diesel-powered water pumps that are used to drain construction sites. This dredging technology is used in tunnel construction or in the construction of underground garages. 

Dewatering of mines and quarries

To meet the needs of the mining segment, which does not require a sound absorbing cover, BBA Pumps has developed pumps mounted on the frame. These units have a BA pump with a diesel engine and a vacuum pump.

Emergency and fire pumps

Mobile high-pressure pumps are necessary for removing disasters, both on land and at sea. A major project in the history of BBA Pumps concerned the supply of nine fire pumps to the European nuclear power plant. These pumps have been completely adapted and delivered with no less than 132 pump certificates. 


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