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SIDE Industrie launches its latest innovation the DIP BOOSTER

16 years after the DIP Systeme® was introduced at the leading edge of innovation, SIDE Industrie launches its newest innovation: the DIP BOOSTER, to accelerate flow in a gravity line.

The DIP BOOSTER by Side Industrie is derived from a high range of DIP wastewater pumps and just like the DIP Systeme®, made of high quality stainless steel. They are composed of a shared hydraulic body that fits the pipe size, allowing the gravity flow to go through it. It includes a by-pass valve, a level sensor upstream and 2 variable speed hydraulic drives connected in parallel using VFD’s. 


Operation principle of the In-Line DIP BOOSTER Gravity flow is at the heart of the system. As long as flow passes through the DIP BOOSTER and does not fill the pipe. The motors are off, the ALC control panel leaves them on stand-by and continuously checks the level via the level sensor.

Water level rising: If the gravity flow fills the pipe the startup level of the first motor unit is reached, the DIP Booster will start up one pump slowly and then accelerate the flow activating the internal check valve. The second motor unit starts up if the upstream pressure increases. The motors stop when the upstream flow decreases back down to the gravity flow pressure setting.


The applications of this innovation are numerous and particularly applied in cases where manifolds and pipes have insufficient slope, or when pipes are undergoing periodic backups, or inadequately sized for current flow loads, or even where increased scouring is needed.

The DIP BOOSTER provides increasing flow for a gravity-fed line of 6’’ to 40’’ diameters (other dimensions upon request) and in many cases can lead to savings on increasing pipe diameters. It also provides flow acceleration in existing pipes as an anti-flooding preventive measure.

Among all its applications, this innovation is particularly suitable in the cases of pipes with insufficient slope or pipes undergoing periodic backups or undersized pipes. The DIP BOOSTER will increase the flow for a gravity-fed line of ND 6” to ND 40” and thus provides savings on replacing large segments of pipe. The DIP Booster is also suitable where increased scouring is needed.


The DIP BOOSTER opens new avenues for solving lots of known problems at a lower cost and in an easy way. Instead of replacing the whole line, install a DIP Booster upstream of the pipe section having problems, in order to accelerate the flow. The DIP BOOSTER is suitable for use in numerous configurations from storm water treatment to combined sewer reinforcement or flood control and prevention.




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