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South Africa to commence upgrade project of N3 corridor

The South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (Sanral) represented by Dumisani Nkabinde, the organization’s Eastern Region manager, has announced its intentions to begin the first major upgrade of South Africa’s N3 corridor.

According to the agency, as of now the corridor has already reached its full capacity and some of its sections have been a subject to severe wear-and-tear including the Peter Brown Bridge, which was damaged at the end of 2016.

While repairs to the bridge have been put on hold a couple of times, there are hopes from the announcement that construction on the bridge and the road leading to it could resume in the beginning of next year.

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N3 corridor

The plan according to Sanral is to widen the road sections and increase the number of lanes where there are only two making them three. The organization shall also be building new bridges and installing street lights to ensure the corridor is fully lighted, giving the road a new look.

Mr. Nkabinde said that they aim to start the project at Ashburton and Phakhathi Interchange in Durban as these stretches of the road have been prone to the biggest traffic challenges.

The project is set to take approximately 36 months of work and according to Nkabinde there will be no lane closures during this period. The current two lanes will be accessible by motorists all through.

“We are looking forward to avoid the stop and go road signs as much as we can during the road works, especially where we shall be widening lanes so as not to course any road inconveniences,” said Nkabinde.

Sanral said that the upgrades are necessary, otherwise the day to day road users will continue to pay the price of accidents and time delays, which are estimated to cost around US$ 11.6M a year.


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