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DURAVIT: Functional designer bathrooms

Bathrooms that are planned with the future in mind and feature uncompromising design and technical innovations, that’s the promise of today’s luxury bathrooms by DURAVIT.

Whether flush-fitting showers or spacious and barrier-free room planning: features that enhance coziness and comfort in younger years also enable independence and quality of life later on. The timelessly modern bathroom can be a flexible companion through all phases of life.

Design and functionality: variety at the washing area

The washing area is the part of the bathroom that sees the most use for different purposes, which is why it should be easily accessible and convenient to use without losing any of its attractiveness.

The ideal solution: consoles with built-in or above-counter basins. Their legroom means that the washing area can also be comfortably used while seated. In addition, above-counter washbasins permit a raised washing position.

Thanks to large surrounds, all care products can be kept within easy reach. Washing areas of a sufficient width can be supplemented with vanity units to the side with the option of one or two drawers for practical storage. These can be fitted with high-quality drawer dividers in Maple or Walnut.

With a range of wood décors, high-gloss varnishes and real-wood veneers available, the practical consoles offer plenty of options for creating an individual look. Ultimately, ease of use and high-quality design is not mutually exclusive. Asymmetrical washbasins such as the new Dura Square models are ideally suited as a comfortable and future-proof solution.

Comfortable and hygienic: Solutions for the toilet

The SensoWash Slim and SensoWash Starck f shower-toilets also ensure a high standard of comfort. They make using the toilet much easier: thanks to the integrated spray arm with its three different shower modes, it doubles as a bidet, too. Operation is easy via remote control.

The height of the seat is also crucial for optimum comfort when using the toilet. The Starck 3 wall-mounted toilet offers a seated position that is five centimeters higher making it easier for the user to stand up again after using the toilet. As it uses existing connections, it is ideal for renovation projects.

Sufficient room for maneuver in front of the toilet ensures safe and comfortable mobility, even if additional support is needed at some point in the future. Handles that can be added later provide even more safety, while toilet-paper holders and flush plates positioned with future needs in mind, further enhance comfort.

Easy entry: Flush-fitting showers and bath-shower combination

A shower tray that is flush with the floor is not just a perfect solution in terms of looks, it is also easy to clean, safe and helps to prevent falls. Shower trays with dimensions 120 x 120cm meet the criteria of DIN 18025/I + II and 18040-2E for barrier-free bathrooms and also offer sufficient room for maneuver – even for an additional helper.

Three models in different materials are ideal for forward planning: the P3 Comforts shower tray made of DuraSolid A with slip-resistant properties, the Stonetto shower tray made of DuraSolid Q that has an outstanding look and feel, and the new Tempano range of shower trays made from sanitary acrylic.

Installed flush with the floor, semi-recessed or on the floor tiles: Tempano is suitable for a wide range of structural factors and personal preferences. A shower seat in the shower offers additional safety and comfort.

Multi-functional and sustainable: the luxury bathroom

A forward-looking bathroom plan blends functionality with design. This is becoming increasingly important as a result of demographic changes within society, bringing with them a need for well-designed bathroom solutions that are not only barrier-free, but also enhance daily comfort for both young and old.

A consequence of this is that a bathroom that is equipped for long-term, convenient use can increase a property’s value. Enhanced comfort is the key to feeling good at any age – especially in the bathroom.

Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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