Genesal Energy

Genesal Energy
Genesal Energy

Genesal Energy is a Spanish company which has been supplying energy to both industry and private clients since 1994. Their aim is to offer efficient solutions for any type of energy challenge, whilst adapting the product to the proposed situation.

Genesal Energy is looking for a paradigm shift within the actual energy industry to ensure a more significant role for distributed energy within the future of the sector. To fulfill this aim the company is centered on consistently over-achieving, as well as the constant innovation in technology, techniques and products.

From the very beginning, Genesal Energy has set as a primary objective the production of high quality power generators that suit the specific needs of each client. This has been possible through focusing their business in innovation and the specialization of production processes and services.

The quality of their power generators is the result of the efforts put into planning the prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement throughout the production cycle. In order to achieve a high quality product they are aware that they must work with their suppliers and partners in a global and timely manner for mutual benefit.

At Genesal Energy adapt their generators for environments that put their skills to the test. Their international experience allows them to take on any energy related challenge. In Africa they can count on close collaboration and localized experts in their network assisting in the development of specialist projects from power plants to the distribution of tailor made gen sets, whilst working very closely with the final client throughout the entire process (this includes financing and logistical support).


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