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Reinforced Fiberglass GlasGrid® from ADFORS

ADFORS GlasGrid® product line offers several styles of pavement reinforcement fiberglass grids designed to reinforce asphalt concrete overlays. They retard reflective cracking by a factor of 2 to 3 times by turning stresses horizontally in order to dissipate them.

The grid configuration features fiberglass strands coated with an elastomeric polymer. Each strand has a remarkably high tensile strength, as well as a high modulus of elasticity at low elongation; making ADFORS GlasGrid stronger than steel by weight.

SAINT-GOBAIN ADFORS produces fiberglass geogrids GlasGrid® for more than 30 years. GlasGrid® has been proven effective in all climates and geographic areas, performing equally well in desert conditions and in near arctic regions that are subject to intense cold and seasonal temperature fluctuations.

Damaged roads due to thermal, traffic load and other effect cause every year to the investor’s great repair costs. One of the solution to lifetime extension and increasing the quality of roads are reinforcing fiberglass grids.

Longtime research and experience from field projects performed by ADFORS declare the suitability for use of reinforcement grids by road reconstruction. The final quality of repair is always the combination of several components – correct design with suitable product, quality of product and the final realization of works.

The company does not offer only the top quality products, but full package of service. They have dedicated person for Africa to support their customers by providing information about the product, application, testing, assistance on site for large project, transport.

Application of their product is very easy and fast since it does not need any heating during the application or nails to fix the grid to the layer. GlasGrid also ensures perfect bonding of the layer. ADFORS GlasGrid typically provides a 50% reduction in future investment cost like maintenance, rehabilitation and use costs over the life of an average road. Below is type of their geogrids:

Geogrids for Airports

Asphalt reinforcement geogrids for Airports extend your pavement life by up to 300% with GlasGrid Reinforcement geogrids. GlasGrid can be used on runways, aprons and parking lots to reduce maintenance cost by helping to prevent the advancement of reflective cracking. Geogrid GlasGrid works by reinforcing asphalt concrete overlays in pavement construction. Test proves excellent milling performance and measured respectability.

Geogrid for manholes

Reinforcement patches for built-in components Geogrid GlasGrid PM Patches are comprised of self-adhesive standard GlasGrid fiberglass grid with a reinforced bitumen layer specifically developed for manual repair of small areas.

PM patches come pre-cut in 2 half-circle shapes for quick and easy installation around a manhole.

  • Fast and safe complete patch repair system for repair of manholes.
  • Composed of a stiff fiberglass grid coated with a patented polymer coating and self-adhesive bitumen layer.
  • Specially designed for mitigating cracks aroun ironwork structures.
  • Solution for milled surface or leveling course.
  • Available Tensile strength 100 kN/m.
  • Available in half-ring shapes with internal diameters 685 mm and 785 mm.
Geogrids for roads and highways

Extend your pavement life by up to 300% with GlasGrid Reinforcement geogrids. GlasGrid can be used as full lane pavement reinforcement or isolated crack repair reinforcement. The use of GlasGrid can also reduce maintenance costs by helping to prevent the advancement of reflective cracking. GlasGrid works by reinforcing asphalt concrete overlays in pavement construction. Tests proves excellent milling performance and measured recyclability.

Asphalt reinforcement geogrids for bridges and tunnels

GlasGrid Indicator Mesh is the ideal solution for bridge protection. Indicator mesh is a self-adhesive, fluorescent orange mesh that forms a protective layer that is easily visible during the milling process. This helps to eliminate the risk of damaging the extremely sensititve waterproofing membrane. Indicator mesh is a cost-effective alternative to red sand asphalt.


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