Plans underway for construction of world’s largest solar battery plant in USA

world’s largest solar battery plant

Plans for the construction of world’s largest solar battery plant in Parrish, Florida in the USA are underway. The plans are being carried out by Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) one of the nation’s cleanest energy companies. This project is one of the largest solar expansion plans by the company in the country.

“Even as we aggressively implement our plan to install 30 million solar panels by 2030, we never lose sight of finding innovative ways to bring our customers the benefits of solar energy, even when the sun’s not shining.” said Eric Silagy, president and CEO of FPL. “Replacing a large, aging fossil fuel plant with a mega battery that’s adjacent to a large solar plant is another world-first accomplishment,” he added.

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The future solar battery plant

The upcoming FPL Manatee Energy Storage Center will be constructed on a 40-acre space next to the 500-acre FPL solar power plant at a cost of approximately US$ 350m.

According to a FPL press release, the facility will have 409MW capacity; the equivalent of approximately 100 million iPhone batteries, when it begins operating in late 2021. With this capacity, the FPL Manatee Energy Storage Center will be four times the capacity of the current largest battery system in operation.

This facility will be charged by the existing FPL solar power plant in Manatee County which generates enough energy to power about 15,000 homes.

Expectations for the project

Upon completion, the FPL Manatee Energy Storage Center is expected to store enough energy to power approximately 329,000 homes for two straight hours.

Furthermore, by deploying energy from the batteries when there is higher demand for electricity, FPL will offset the need to run other power plants consequently reducing emissions and saving customers money through avoided fuel costs.


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