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6 Best low-maintenance alternatives to slate worktops for kitchen interior

Slate is a durable, attractive, affordable and easy-to-clean surface. However, if you don’t like the look and flat appeal of slate, you can look for other low-maintenance alternatives to slate for your countertops.

Slate kitchen worktops are popular for their stellar looks, non-porous surface, and durability. Moreover, their easy-to-clean solid surface requires very less maintenance than granite, concrete or marble.

Just like the modern Unistone Belgian Blue composite material, the slate countertop is a versatile product that’s ideal for kitchens, wet bars, bathrooms, and back splashes. Many homeowners consider slate for their kitchen countertops due to its subtle colouration that’s minimal than granite and marble.

Slate kitchen worktop can give a uniform look to your cooking area. It also comes in beautiful shades of charcoal, grey, black, brown and pewter, as well as blue, green or red. But certain property owners don’t like slate worktops due to certain downsides.

Cons of slate countertops

The corners of your beautiful Ceralsio Slate worktop can be very sharp and brittle. Many specialist installers suggest having these corners rounded to avoid injuries or cracks. The slate worktop is also more subdued compared to other worktop options. If you want your countertop to grab all the attention in your kitchen, you might prefer any other alternative to slate.

The following are the six best low maintenance altenatives to slate worktops that will help spruce up a kitchen interior


This solid worktop material is made from inorganic and non-metallic substances like crystalline oxide, carbide or nitride. These materials are sintered and fabricated under high temperature and pressure conditions to create a solid worktop surface like Laminam Seta.

It is easy to clean and requires less maintenance compared to slate worktops. It doesn’t need any sealing to protect its surface from heat, stains, scratches or chipping.


A laminate kitchen worktop comes with many benefits. It costs reasonably and comes in various colours and designs.

The big plus of this worktop material is its low maintenance requirements. This solid surface material is non-porous and easy to clean, just like a solid Ceralsio Pewter ceramic worktop.

The best thing about laminate is that it doesn’t require any refinishing or resealing. Because of its relatively low cost, you can easily replace it without shelling out too much money.

Solid Surface

Just like Ceralsio charcoal ceramic, other solid surface worktops are Soapstone and Corian. These countertops ensure worry-free upkeep, as they need only water and clean cloth for cleaning.

These low-maintenance worktops are resistant to stains, heat, impact, and scratches. Even if it’s scratched, in the worst-case scenario, you can easily sand the scratch to restore its appearance.

Stainless Steel

Another amazing counter top material that needs low maintenance is stainless steel. It does not require any refinishing or resealing as well. It is easy to clean with mild cleaning products.

These worktops are perfect to install in any styled kitchen or bathroom without worrying about stains of juice, food, cleansers, etc. They are also highly resistant to hot pans, hot pots, and hot hair equipment in the bathroom.


Quartz is an attractive worktop surface for any traditional or modern kitchen space. Some of the leading quartz brands are Silestone, Caesarstone, Compaq, Hanstone, and Caesarstone.

Quartz is a perfect material for enhancing the appearance and performance of your countertop compared to slate worktops. Unlike natural stones like slate, granite or marble, Neolith Belgian Blue, Caesarstone Piatra Grey or any other type of quartz don’t inherit any porosity-related weaknesses.

This means it won’t stain, scratch or chip. This makes the worktop surface easy to maintain and clean. Whether you choose Compaq, Caesarstone or Neolith Basalt Black countertop, all the surfaces are durable and long-lasting installations for kitchen or bathroom spaces.


Dekton worktop is another wonderful alternative to slate kitchen worktops. It is an ultra-compact material that’s designed to imitate natural metamorphic changes in rocks that endure thousands of years within an industrial environment.

Dekton Ananke or any other variant from this range is a revolutionary product with zero-porosity. It is highly resistant to heat, stains, and scratches. If you are looking for a durable and low-maintenance surface for indoor or outdoor applications, Dekton is a good choice, as it’s resistant to UV-rays too.


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