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Zimbabwe’s 600MW Hwange expansion project 23% complete

Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) has revealed that that the Hwange Expansion project is on course with the project currently at 23% complete. The project is expected to be completed by January 2022.

Increasing power generation

The company announced that despite the challenges being faced, it has been embarking on several efforts to increase power generation. The Hwange Expansion Project, is expected to provide the nation with an additional 600MW come January 2022.

ZPC said some of the works being carried out include design reviews, construction of employee’s accommodation, Units 7 and 8 construction, project site clearance works by ZPC and preliminary transmission works. “ZPC is also focusing on the existing coal plants as a way to augment power generation and the re-powering of Bulawayo Power Station is going to be the first to be executed,” it said.

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Power deficit

ZPC is also in the process of working on the 120MW Mutare Peaking/Emergency Plant, which was awarded by ZERA in July 2019. Contract negotiations for Feasibility Study Consultant and PPA initialising were done during the quarter with only contract signing remaining. Funding for the first phase of the project has also been secured.

The firm acknowledged that the prevailing situation in the country had affected power generation. The country’s stations sent out a total of 1 505, 44GWh of energy, thereby missing the quarterly target which was set at 2,355,61 GWh by 39,09%. “This output is 67,48% below the output for the same period in 2018. For the year to date, ZPC has managed to send out 6219,28 GWh and this represents a negative variance of 9,08%.” said the firm. ZPC attributed the lower power generation levels to breakdowns experienced at Hwange Unit 6 and low water levels at Kariba.


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