Hefei Betta Wood Co., Ltd-providing quality wood products and excellent services at competitive prices.

Hefei Betta Wood Co., Ltd. is a Chinese based company with more than 15 years of manufacturing and trading all kinds of wooden products including Packing Plywood, Blockboard, Lumber core, Bending Plywood, Fancy Plywood (P/S Red Oak, Sapele, Alder, Mahogany, Walnut, Beech, Ash, Teak), Tropical Hardwood (Okoume, Bintangore, Pencil Cedar, etc), Plastic Film Faced Plywood for concrete construction, Film Faced Plywood, Shuttering Board for concrete construction, Primary White Painting HDF Door Skin and HDF moulded door skin—wood veneer laminated among others.

The products have been exported to countries and regions such as Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Japan, America, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Mexico, and Togo among others.

For the longest time customer satisfaction has been Betta Wood’s core business which is why Betta Wood has a persistent pre-shipping inspection system. The check process by the company’s inspection team with many years of experience starts immediately after the order is confirmed. The grade and type of raw material, processing methods, and significant points are advised accordingly to the factory management.

An inspection report in uniform format will then be provided to customers who, based only on the inspection report, will decide whether Betta Wood should move on to the shipment stage or should further process and inspect that particular product.

The company remains committed to providing quality products and excellent services at competitive prices.


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