The price of cement in Nigeria

Getting the lowest priced cement is one of the key factors that can lower the overall cost of a building project. The price of cement in Nigeria keeps on fluctuating due to some different factors. These factors that include: High maintenance costs of manufacturing machines, high distribution costs of the product, erratic power supply which calls for expensive alternative power sources and the ever changing government policies; put manufacturers in tough spots when it comes to pricing their products.

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Therefore, the prices of cement in Nigeria depend on the particular manufacturer. Below is an indication of the current prices of key cement brands available in the market today.

Dangote Cement 2,570 Naira

Elephant Cement 2,550 Naira

Ashaka Cement 2,550 Naira

Ibeto Cement 2,550 Naira

Eagle Cement 2,550 Naira

BUA Cement 2,550 Naira

UNICEM 2,550 Naira

It is therefore safe to say that on average, the price of cement in Nigeria is 2,550 Naira. It has however important to note that the price of cement is not the same in all parts of Nigeria. Prices in high profile places like Lagos and Abuja is slightly higher as compared to low profile places.


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