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OLI Sanitary Systems Introduces Water Saving Flush Cistern

The use of rainwater in sanitary installation systems is a response to reduce water consumption in the bathroom. According to United Nations recent forecasts there will be a water deficit of 40% worldwide in 2030. Therefore, it is urgent to adopt new consumption patterns, especially in the bathroom, since it accounts for 33% of domestic consumption.

In this regard, OLI has developed an innovative solution which is the core to OLI’s DNA: OLI74PLUS 2 inlet valves cistern. Made of polypropylene, a highly resistant material, the OLI74PLUS 2 inlet valves cistern has a dual flush actuation and a delayed opening of the inlet valves, which allows an additional water saving. These cisterns are distinguished by having a double entry of water, one for drinking water and the other one for recycled non-drinking water. This allows us, for example, to use rainwater for flush, as an alternative to drinking water.

The Belas Clube de Campo Project, in Lisbon, has adopted this type of flush cisterns to accomplish the mission of water sustainability in its bathrooms.

About OLI Sanitary Systems
OLI is the largest cistern manufacturer in Southern Europe. Its brand is present in 80 countries on five continents. Over the years, OLI has created products that have, on a global scale changed the daily experience in the bathroom. Their “Inspired by water” signature concept  embodies  the company’s  mission  to  place  innovation at the  service of water conservation, aiming to make the world a better place, thus protecting the planet and all life.

OLI is recognized for constantly studying new and better solutions that increase water efficiency and accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Committed to sustainable development, the brand develops versatile solutions with a contemporary design for application in new construction, rehabilitation and renovation projects. OLI believes in a water-efficient bathroom that is comfortable, accessible and safe for all to use. OLI will continue to be defined by innovation.

They are looking for business partners and projects to join their portfolio in Africa.


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