MACFAB pre-stressed production equipment offer many benefits to precast suppliers

MACFAB have supplied equipment globally over the last 30 years in different forms and sizes to suit customers specific requirements.

Most recently MACFAB have installed 100mm x 65mm Lintel Profile in the Republic of Ireland, this system consists of the following spec;

  • Bed Length 41.3 Meters,
  • 18 Runs wide
  • Total mould length of 702 linear metres (2303 Ft) per day
  • Multi wire stressing to tension all wires at the same time
  • Vibrating Motor mounted to side of table to level out concrete mix
  • Steel spacers to setup the desired lintel lengths
  • Lifting beam to left all lintel beams out safely with no breakage
  • Safety chain to lock across bed when stressing, this helps reduce whip lash in the event of a strand breaking
  • Underfloor heating to cure lintel product overnight and insure release of product every morning.

This customer produces varied length and sizes of lengths, on average they are producing 234 beams at 3metre long each day with this system. They have a range of lintels from 100 x 65mm through to 214 x 140mm.

With each system we would bring the customer through the design process and they would be brought through a sign off process to insure they are happy with what they are purchasing. Once this is done all parts are manufactured in the Rep of Ireland based facility. A install team would then follow the system out to fit and train the operator in use of the system.









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