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World’s next tallest skyscraper, Jeddah Tower, set for completion.

The Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia, the 3,280-feet-tall (1,000-meters-tall) is expected to open in 2020, it will knock Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa off its throne as the tallest skyscraper in the world by 236 feet (72 meters). The building is estimated to cost US$1.4 billion. By the end of 2017, the tower was already 252 meters (826 feet) high and already had expansive views of the Saudi kingdom. The tower will be the crown jewel of Jeddah Economic City, a residential and commercial project of 57 million square feet (5.3 million square meters), that will feature houses, hotels and office spaces, as well as a variety of tourist attractions.

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Troubles faced.

Since construction started in 2013, there have been a variety of delays. Since November of 2017, two of the project’s most prominent funders; Saudi Arabia’s Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a major investor and businessman, and Bakr Bin Laden, the chairman of Jeddah Tower’s construction company Bin Laden Group — have been caught up in the kingdom’s anti-corruption eradication which has seen hundreds questioned on accusations of corruption.
Jeddah Economic Company, the developer behind the skyscraper, however, confirmed that the project will be completed by 2020, as planned.

CEO of the Jeddah Economic Company, Mounib Hammoud, said that “as of 2020, you’ll start seeing things: you’ll see the tower, you’ll see the shopping mall, you’ll see many other projects.”

With a gross floor area of 2.6 million square feet (243,866 square meters) more than 252 stories.

Other facilities expected will include a five-star Four Seasons Hotel and 97 serviced apartments, and seven duplexes. Offices will account for seven floors, where there will be four “residential tiers” that will include a total of 325 apartments.
The elevators will be able to reach a record height of 2,165 feet (660 meters), while the double-decker lifts that take visitors directly to the observation deck from Level 1 of the building are expected to travel at 12.5 miles per hour.


  1. Saudi Arabia is investing billions of dollars into its Giga-projects, one of its project is Jeddah Tower, The aim of the various projects is to move off the Kingdom from its oil dependent economy and to open its doors to millions of Tourists from all over the world.


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