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Baroid Industrial Drilling Products (IDP): An international supplier of drilling fluid additives and services

The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products (IDP) is supplier of comprehensive line of drilling, grouting, plugging, abandonment, well rehabilitation and well development products engineered to optimize performance and cost-effectiveness to end-users.

The company’s products are  in wide-ranging and diverse markets including:  Water well drilling, Mineral exploration , Horizontal directional drilling, Foundation/drilled shaft, Construction applications, Geothermal heat loop applications , Geotechnical investigations , Environmental monitoring wells , Tunneling/micro-tunneling, Shot hole drilling, Pipeline crossings , Auger boring , Pipe bursting ,Water impedance and pond sealing.

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Baroid IDP provides an extensive knowledge of its products, drilling methods, regulations and equipment to provide assistance to their customers and help them to solve drilling problems facing mining industry. The firm guides you in products selection according to your well work operations.

supported by a network of sales and service representatives, laboratory scientists and support personnel dedicated to servicing the Horizontal directional drilling industry.

The unique nature of near-surface site-specific geology coupled with the diversity of the markets we serve are hallmark challenges faced within IDP. Under these circumstances, a one size fits all approach to product selection and development is not in the best interests of the end user. We provide innovative products that have wide-ranging capabilities within our diverse markets, supported by Baroid IDP field representatives with superior expertise in well site service providing solutions for each unique challenge.

When you encounter reduced core recovery or problematic hole conditions Baroid IDP has the solution through superior products and service to take care of your individual needs. For more information regarding Baroid IDP Mineral Exploration products and other quality Baroid IDP products contact Ranger Mining Equipment Ltd!

Baroid developed its reputation by lending expertise at the well site, and can assist the driller in the following areas:

  • Solids control system components and configuration
  • Circulation pit design Product selection and application
  • Timely product delivery Regional and application-specific know-how

Simply stated, Baroid IDP field sales representatives help customers select the right products, and then help the customer use the products to accomplish the job in the most expedient and cost-effective manner. Regardless of the purpose for drilling the hole, Baroid IDP can provide a field specialist to ensure proper product formulation and application





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