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Boosting construction of affordable Housing in South Korea

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US based International Green Structures, LLC (IGS) has boosted affordable housing in South Korea after it partnered with GRD Corporation Vanuatu Limited of South Korea and Vanuatu National Housing Corporation (VNHC) to develop an Affordable Housing Project Vanuatu, South Korea.

The MOU is the first step to develop a proposal and obtain a contract which will avail affordable housing in South korea especially the people of Vanuatu who were left without adequate shelter after Cyclone Pam devastated the Pacific Island Chain in March 2015. The Cyclone was said to be the worst in history leaving thousands without power, housing, food and water. VNHC will finance the project with promised relief aid from a variety of NGO’s and Banks supporting the recovery and relief efforts.

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When Cyclone Pam hit Port Villa in Vanuatu, IGS and GRD had just broken ground on a 2,000 house construction project which was long awaited project for the Vanuatu government employees. Currently, with over 3,300 people without affordable housing in South Korea in particular Vanuatu, VNHC is working with a numerous relief organizations to construct affordable and recovery housing solutions.

IGS and GRD plan to provide the building materials, solution, and oversee project management for the affordable housing and recovery housing project. In the project dabbed IGStructures the company uses  building materials made from Compressed Agricultural Fiber (CAF) Panels and pre-engineered frame systems which are ideal for houses,schools and healthcare facilities.

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