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Construction safety: OptiSafe Kenya Limited

The world is continuously increasing in technology, Sky scrapers, massive roads and bridges seen from all corners of the globe. Safe haven for sight. But how safe is it really for you, me, the workers and even the occupants afterwards from the word go? Construction being an industry diversely affected by hazards such as quality assurance, unskilled labor, varied technology among general contractors and above all Occupational, Safety and health challenges on site.

More than 2.78 million deaths per year occur as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases, excessively long working hours and even workers operating machines for which they have low skills in. Additionally, there are some 374 million non-fatal work-related injuries and illnesses each year, many of these resulting in extended absences from work.

Human cost

The human cost of this daily adversity is vast and the economic burden of poor occupational safety and health practices is estimated at 3.94% of global Gross Domestic Product each year. 71% of respondents on Webinar stated that they had experienced a safety incident or injury in the last 12 months leading to punishments being enforced on company’s and even foreman being convicted for man slaughter.

In the UK for instance the construction industry has suffered adversely from poor productivity and profitability, sustainability concerns and even embracing disruption and preparing for the digital future. And on the other hand Kenya has to deal with buildings collapsing, workers working without protective gear on with reports showing that atleast one fatal accident occurs on each construction site here.

With a project safety supervisor at least daily on site has shown the number of accidents greatly reduced. Contractors can mitigate risks and ensure their teams follow the required safety procedures by the help of a project safety supervisor e.g safety boots, reflector jackets, helmets e.t.c are worn. Everyone can be safe if they are aware of the hazards they face and an effective Safety and health program used on sites.

OptiSafe Kenya Limited

OptiSafe Kenya Limited, a subsidiary of Optimum Security Group UK, through working with governments, large and small organizations with best practices and diverse expertise bring you the best solutions in construction safety, health and environment some learned in the UK that can help everyone go home safe.

Having put in place a behavioral safety program to change the safety culture of organizations, incorporated CITB courses for safety supervisors and managers and also incentivized safety has seen us move to an incident free project site and enabled us have a great success story in Kenya. With our footprints in Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania handling project worth 16bn with a total of 24,886 safe working hours has gained us wealth of knowledge and experience to help us pro-actively tailor solutions to meet individual project needs. With this we hope to grow our range through training in Safety related courses with a specific interest in construction.

Experience that spans the last twenty three years in health and safety, and an ISO 9001 certification gives OptiSafe the confidence to be a market leader in this field, with a promise to offer exceptional expertise specifically designed to meet our client’s particular needs. By employing a risk-based approach to our recommendation, we are able to offer you solutions by comprehensively assessing your individual security & safety needs, and delivering a thorough risk and vulnerability evaluation of what you require. One of our core beliefs is the Zero Harm Agenda.

We believe in helping our Clients remove their business from harm’s way. Employees are an organizations asset and also an organizations greatest responsibility. We have invested a great deal in an empowered workforce, technological research and cost-saving innovation to create a value culture that will nurture long term relationships based on trust, honesty, integrity and loyalty in the hope of initiating a ripple of the success to you through effective service and delivery.

Our consultants

Our consultants have many years of health and safety experience and hold an impressive number of qualifications to their names. Some of the qualifications are Post graduate studies in Occupational Health and safety, Degrees in various fields, NEBOSH Training, Environment experts, DOSHS approved advisors, Environment Institute of Kenya members, IOSH member’s etc. Our experienced course trainers go an extra mile to deliver exceptional levels of training to our clients.

We ease the client’s burden of complying with the legislations by efficiently implementing the legislations for them. We provide the knowledge, business skills and practical experience to shape safety, Health and environmental compliance around the needs of different organization. We always ensure that our work complies with both legal and client’s requirements in the most cost effective way. We are approved by the British Safety Council, National Industrial Training Authority(NITA),Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services(DOSHS) and National Construction Authority.

In addition we have partnered with Opticom Kenya Limited to also provide for you Fire Safety audits, Fire Equipment’s, CCTV installation, surveillance and monitoring, access control solutions e.t.c.We monitor all our installations real time


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