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Crystal project management

crystal-project-managementKenyan based Crystal Project Management Ltd (CPM) was established in April 2010 by three aspiring individuals who desired to raise the bar in project management services across the region.

Within a span of less than three years, the firm has managed projects valued at over Ksh 1billion (US$ 11.6 million).  CPM is run by two directors, Andrew Kigotho (Managing Director) and George Ngacha (Operations Director). The rest of the team includes an Associate Director, 3 Project coordinators and 2 supporting staff.

Services Offered by CPM

Construction Management

CPM monitors, coordinates and controls the project construction process on behalf of its clients to ensure that the project is completed within the constraints of time and cost.

Project Management

This involves close monitoring of the project from inception to completion with special emphasis on Time, Cost, Quality, Scope, Risk and Benefits of the project during its construction.

Contract Management

As Contract Administrators for the client, CPM ensures that the client’s resources are planned for and used appropriately. The company also tracks and monitors any changes to the contract and quantifies the effects of the change.

Construction Audit

Construction Audit involves carrying out analysis of a project and producing reports detailing the cost, project schedule and quality of the projects as per the developer’s request.CPM does this as an independent and impartial party.

Feasibility Studies

CPM also prepare studies for clients showcasing the development’s potential by assessing its strengths, weaknesses, competition and its anticipated returns to give an indication of its viability.

 Recent Projects

CPM has handled many projects. Recent examples include:

  1. a)Blue Waters Hotel – an 8-storey, 80-room hotel in Kisumu
  2. b)Pacis Centre – a 5-storey office block for Pacis Insurance Company in Nairobi
  3. c)TBM Plaza, a 9-storey office block for Transbusiness Machines Ltd in Nairobi

 According to CPM, although all these are unique in their own ways, Pacis Centre represents what the company strives to achieve.

CPM was appointed as the Project Managers two months after construction had begun. The company found a team of consultants and contractors that were willing to work with it to achieve the objectives of the project.

To tackle the initial delay, CPM embarked on an accelerated works program together with the contractors, reducing the risk posed by late procurement of supplies by approving samples on time, controlling cost overrun by providing all information before decisions were made and obtaining timely approvals for all cost variations. The company worked closely with the client, who was impressed by its services and eventually appointed CPM to lead the project team, thereby giving the firm a free hand to determine the overall success of the project.

CPM sets itself apart from its competitors by exclusively providing project management services. The team employs the latest systems in running projects. By studying how successful projects in the developed world are managed, the company customizes these findings for local use, enabling it to give its clients the best possible service. The firm is also continually undertaking research and development reveals that it has a few products in the pipeline.

In the coming years, CPM would like to be the best Construction Project Management firm in the region. It hopes to open more offices in major towns throughout East Africa..


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