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Decomagna: At the heart of perfect flooring

Decomagna supplies and installs flooring solutions across Kenya and East Africa. With more than 60 years of experience, they offer world-class laminate flooring, engineered wood and vinyl flooring.

Laminate Flooring

Their Laminate flooring is made in Belgium and captures the styles and characters of nature, perfectly mimicking authentic hardwood floors, from design to grain. Its base is a watertight hdf (high density fibre board) that is covered with a design layer and a transparent overlay against wear and tear.Tested for quality as well as durability, they are also aesthetical stunners.

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Their dedicated selection of skirting boards, profiles, quartre rounds, cornishes offers the client’s floor a perfect finish.

The ClicWall® technology consists of extra-long panels on an MDF base. With the patented Uniclic technology, panels interlock quickly and easily on walls and ceilings.  Once fitted, no further finishing is required on the panels. ClicWall® is UNILIN’s revolutionary wall-cladding system, enabling you to fit your ClicWall® with ease and up to 5 times faster than more traditional wall-cladding systems. As such, ClicWall® brings a time-saving, durable and seamless solution that is perfectly suited for large and small wall surfaces.

When installing laminate flooring in a home with stairs, Quick•Step has the tools that not only make laminate stair installation quick and easy. The key is the Incizo 5-in-1 molding profile and its easy-to-use cutting tool. This single piece of molding can be used for all transition needs, making the most complicated laminate stair installations a breeze.

Decomagna’s premium decorative panel boards panels are cut to standard size (600 and 400 mm) for standard cabinetry and wardrobes, and pre-edged for a perfect, un-chipped edge. No more less than perfect visible edges. On top of that, the Unilin quality is impeccable, the highly refined melamine layer is highly scratch resistant.

Available in MDF and particle board. They are the perfect answer to the demands from interior architects and interior designers for high-quality, durable and affordable products. This collection of innovative interior design products aims not only to be beautiful and lifelike, but also to feel genuine and authentic.

Their team of master carpenters work closely together with the design team to create new and inspiring furniture collections. By working with realistic, embossed structures and varying degrees of gloss for the finish, Unilin have developed a range of harmonious and lifelike designs.

Decomagna limited is the official agent for quick-step laminates for Kenya and East Africa. Their Belgium-manufactured products have been tested for both premium quality as well as durability.Installation technicians at Decomagna limited are trained by certified Belgian technicians with a master installer license.

Customer satisfaction

Decomagnatakes client satisfaction very seriously. That’s why they have perfected the art of flooring installations with their team of seasoned technicians across Kenya.From floor leveling with self-leveling compounds to laminate flooring, engineered wood and vinyl floor installation, to floor finishes with skirting boards & profiles, to fully finished stair-case solutions, they’ve got the client covered.

On top of this, they provide free flooring site surveys to all clients, in order to determine accurate measurements and prepare themselves in order to provide an international grade flooring installation. Site surveys are critical in order to determine the condition of your current floor and eliminate any possible challenges during installation.

Quick-step flooring is designed to last. They offer 15 years to a lifetime warranty on all their laminate floors, engineered wood & vinyl floors. This means the client can relax, knowing that the floors are up for the challenge. Their hydroseal flooring is designed with extra water protection in mind and are available with a 10 year wet area warranty.

The beauty of laminate flooring, is that you get a genuine hardwood look and feel with a hassle-free maintenance and at incredible prices. Thanks to its unique water resistance, maintenance of is as easy as mopping.


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