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EconoHeat Inc is the industry leader of the most efficient used oil equipment in the world since 1983. As a result of their pursuit for waste oil perfection, they have successfully engineered the most diverse and advanced waste oil burner in existence. Their waste oil heaters, waste oil boilers, chillers and additional waste oil equipment are the easiest to maintain and clean resulting in a longer life span.

According to EconoHeat Inc’s marketing manager Bryce Morrison currently their company has not completed any business in Africa but they are looking forward to. On current trends Bryce added that EconoHeat Inc is constantly building new equipment, currently building a air to fresh water machine that filters and turns condensed air into drinking water, a very unique product specifically designed for countries with little to no drinking water and an abundance of waste oil to burn.

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Using your waste oil as a heat source, you can use this chiller in many applications. Efficient Ammonia Absorption can be used for air conditioning, cooling machinery, refrigeration and more.

Across the board, model-to-model, they have the highest warm air output (CFM) in the Industry and their units use the least amount of electrical consumption while operating. They are the only company that puts in writing that we will not carbon at the pre-heat oil block (backed up by a 20 year warranty). Due to their patented flame control system they have eliminated carbon at the pre-heater block as an issue, therefore OMNI waste oil fired equipment is the easiest to maintain. This is due to their patented printed circuit board that controls the temperature of the pre-heat oil block precisely.

Their metered oil pump recognizes the changes in viscosity of the different waste oils for you.

EconoHeat Inc

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