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Ecoweb GeoCellular Synthetics Co

Geocells have grown in use around the world for slope stabilization, channel protection, load support, and retaining wall applications.

The company’s primary product line, EcoWeb™, confines infill within its cellular structure for drainage and soil support. Systems may also support the establishment of vegetation for green walls, channels, and slopes. Combined with the ability to utilize many types of infill, including local soils on many sites, the EcoWeb™ is environmentally sound as well as economical and secure. Strip depths for the application-specific geocell panels are available from 50mm – 300mm.

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The new website includes installation notes, manufacturing information (e.g., use of ultrasonic welding of HDPE panels), technical data, quality control description, geocellular system styles and suitability information for various engineering works, and much more.

Ecoweb Confinement System has already been used successfully in different applications, mainly include Ground Stabilization, Slope Protection, Load Support, Channel Protection, Retaining Wall, Erosion Control, etc. These properties help to make Ecoweb unique and competitive.

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Geocells, in general, have grown in popularity in infrastructure. The collapsible nature of the panel system makes them efficient to ship. They can often utilize local soils, making them more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Their exceptional resistance to chemical and biological attack makes them applicable to a wide variety of soils. The geocell is doing great during retaining wall constructions, it is light weight, stable, cost-effective and FLEXIBLE in different conditions.

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