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Energy Control Systems-professional power solutions provider

Energy Control Systems was founded in 1987 with the aim of providing cutting edge power quality solutions to clients thereby increasing their overall profitability by decreasing overhead costs related to power quality issues.

Over the years ECS has evolved from a single product manufacture and sales company that focused only in the domestic market to a multifaceted, multinational power quality solutions provider and product integrator with subsidiaries and partnerships in Thailand, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, China, Korea, Panama, Philippines, Paraguay, Argentina, Mozambique, Brazil, Uruguay, Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Europe, Israel, South Africa among others.

Its products include Refurbished UPS, Xtreme Power Series, Eaton/Powerware UPS, Batteries, and Sine Tamers such as LA & RM Units, SineTamer Advantage Units, Medium Voltage Units, Data/Telecom Units, and Individual Circuit Units among others. Its services on the other hand comprise Surge Suppression, Mirus Harmonic Mitigation, and Lightning Protection, Power Quality Analysis, Power Factor Correction, TurnKey Technology Solutions, ADF Power Tuning, etc.

The company is committed to providing exceptional solutions by emphasizing integrity, urgency, and reliability.


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