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Geo Products manufactures the EnviroGrid product in Houston Texas with all raw materials also produced in USA. Their EnviroGrid material was invented by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

The company’s first customer was the United States Army that purchased, in 1990, 6.4 million square feet for “Operation Desert Storm”. The US Military used products to create tank trails, haul roads and landing strips over soft sand with their EnviroGrid filled with the same sand.

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For the past 27 years EnviroGrid has been used worldwide for not only soil stabilization but also for slope and channel erosion protection and retaining walls.

The EnviroGrid® cellular confinement (geocell) is manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE). For over 70 years HDPE has been the plastic of choice for products manufactured for long term use and critical applications. In addition to EnviroGrid® Geocell, HPDE is used to manufacture geomembrane liner for subtitle D sanitary landfills, pit liners, mining leachate ponds as well as pipe and other industrial products. These are just a few examples of the hundreds of uses for high density polyethylene.

Geo Products manufactures the EnviroGrid® geocell cellular confinement system for soil stabilization, slope and channel erosion control and retaining walls. The honeycomb structure can be filled with various materials and provides a green construction solution.

Geo Products offers the full package of products and services. With 27 years of experience Geo Products has project design assistance and their EnviroGrid® Geocell and it includes all of the anchoring components. They have personnel that have traveled all over the world to assist their customers with presentations as well as material installation. This includes projects involving soil stabilization, retaining walls and slope/channel erosion control.

Below is additional information that will help better explain the capabilities of Geo Products.

Base Stabilization Road Construction
  • For pedestrian walk ways, trails, light vehicles (golf carts, ATV’s).  EGA20 with a 3” or 4” cell depth.
  • For passenger vehicles or light pickup trucks EGA20 or EGA30 with a 4”cell depth.
  • For sports fields base stabilization our EGA30 with a 6” cell depth.
  • For heavy loads and industrial trucks full loads (100,000 lbs. +) EGA30 with a 6” or 8” cell depth.
  • The EnviroGrid can be filled with sand, sandy soil, angular rock and combination of all three.  The material that cannot be utilized for infill is clay or high plasticity soils.
  • Anchoring is done with our patented system the EnviroClip.  The EnviroClips are helical anchors that have a much greater anchoring strength than regular stakes.  They are also easy to install with a cordless drill.
 Erosion control slopes and channels
  • For slopes that are not very steep (6:1, 5:1, 4:1) they use our 3” and 4” cell depth with their EGA40 cell aperture.  Anchoring is done with wood or rebar stakes.
  • For steeper slopes (3:1, 2:1, 1:1 and greater) they use 4”, 6” and 8” cell depth with EGA30 cell aperture. These slopes will need a polyester tendon anchoring system.
  • In addition to a tendon anchor system they have a patented anchor system called the EnviroClip. The EnviroClips are helical anchors that have a much greater anchoring strength than regular stakes. They are also easy to install with a cordless drill.
  • For channel protection EGA30 and EGA40 cell aperture and the cell depth will depend on hydraulic information. Infill materials will be dictated by velocity and duration of the flow.  Infill materials can be gravel, soil and vegetation and concrete infill.  They have third party flume testing to help on the design.
Retaining Walls 
  • The EnviroGrid is used as the fascia of the retaining Wall.  It can be utilized in place of gabion rock walls or concrete segmented walls.
  • EnviroGrid is made from high density no affected by climate or UV and designed for long life.  It is also flexible and can go around structures and curves.
  • EnviroGrid retaining walls can be vegetated and after vegetation completely disappear.
  • Wall height is not an issue. Their material has been used for short 2-3 foot walls up to 80’ high walls.
  • For this application the company uses EGA30 with a cell depth of 6” or 8”.
Membrane Protection
  • The EnviroGrid is placed directly over the geomembrane liner and can be filled with soil and vegetated, rock or concrete depending on the application.
  • In most cases the EGA30 or EGA40 are used with cell depth of 3”, 4” or 6”.

Geo Products Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified and holds the CE Marking for EnviroGrid® products.

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