Global Wind Power Ltd is a joint venture between Reliance ADA Group and China Ming Yang Wind Power Group and specializes in manufacture of wind turbines.

Global Wind Power Ltd is a company that has executed a variety of wind power projects around the world, including manufacturing 450MW and executing 250MW in India and over 2000+MW per annum in China.

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The company’s range of wind turbines includes the pitch regulated up to 750 kW GWP 47 that also avoids power fluctuations common with other machies; up to 1500 Kw MY 1.5 MW WTG that can run even in extreme conditions; the up to 2000 kW GWP that has a light design and comes with a closely monitored automatic lubrication system; and the up to 2500 kW GWP that utilizes the Intelligent Pitch System and compatible with international power grids. The company also provides logistics, erection and assembly at site, installation, commissioning and maintenance, among other services for turnkey projects.

Today, the company has 98 units of 750 Kw under operations in India, Europe & USA, and 4700 units of 1.5 MW operational in China and Bulgaria, India. Others are 3100 units of 1.5 MW under operations in India, Europe & USA.

The company works with partners such as Ming Yang Group to facilitate its operations, distribution and production. The company also has healthy management and expert team of more than 250 people in India and more than few thousands in China with R & D centre at Europe and US.

China Ming Yang Wind Power Industry Group Co was itself established in 2006 and committed towards the design, manufacturing, sale and services of megawatt-class wind turbines and integrated solutions of clean energy Ming Yang is itself reaching Southern and Eastern Africa currently, including in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, and Uganda.
As an advise from Bjial Shah from GWPL, Buyer should assess cost competitive analysis from each WTG or project to ensure the project is sustainable and for optimum usage of available natural resources like land, wind etc.

Bijal Vijay Shah,
Global Wind Power Ltd and Ming Yang Wind Power Group
[email protected]
www.gwpl.co.in & www.mywind.com.cn


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