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GO-PURE.EU – Harvesting energy from a star

Harvesting energy from a star is the business that GO-PURE.EU currently conducts.

They capture solar photons in photovoltaic fields, and by their transformation to alternate current they produce pure electricity.

Their Current Stats:

  • 134,678 PV Panels Installed.
  • 794 Satisfied Customers.
  • 129 Off Grid Systems.
  • 22,860 T of CO2 Saved Annually.

GO-PURE.EU is a professional installer of SMA, KACO, FRONIUS, VONSCH, DEIF and COMAP technologies.

Their products:

  • On Grid Systems

This system consists of PV modules, ground-mounting systems, DC cables, DC string boxes, and a central inverter with a transformer.

The system is designed to be connected to the grid.

  • Off Grid Systems

This system consists of PV modules, ground-mounting systems, DC cables, inverters, AC cables, DC/AC boxes, island inverters and multi-cluster boxes.

The system is designed to be installed in a place with no grid connection.

The island inverters create their own grid and supply consumers.

  • Fuel Save

This system consists of PV modules, ground-mounting systems, DC cables, DC string boxes, central inverters with transformers and systems with a fuel save controller.

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This system’s design suits installation into the local grid with existing fuel generator units.

The fuel save controller manages the performance of fuel generators according to the grid demand and the power supply from the PV system.

Fuel generators are used only if the PV system does not produce enough electricity.

  • Synchronization devices

GO-PURE.EU delivers and installs control products for power generation and diesel engines, along with associated accessories and software.

They are leading the way in providing intelligent electronic control products and solutions that are highly flexible, intuitive and scalable.

They ensure that they are connected with their customers so they receive world-class advice at every stage of their relationship, as well as unrivalled value through close collaboration.

This allows them to fulfil their existing needs, as well as understand and meet their future requirements.

Continuous investment in their specialist global network enables them to maintain excellence in customer service, empowering their people and partners to deliver the highest standards of technical expertise.

  • Energy Storage Systems

Their Energy Storage System (ESS) stores electric energy and utilizes it for later consumption.

It is proposed to improve energy efficiency, by enhancing the quality of renewable energy that results in stabilization of the power supply system.


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