Graco was established in 1962 and has since been a leading provider  of premium pumps and spray equipment for fluid handling in the construction, manufacturing, processing and maintenance industries.

It is headquartered in Minneapolis,  Minnesota and works closely with distributors around the world to offer innovative products that set the quality standards for spray finishing, paint circulation, lubrication, sealant and adhesives dispensing, process application, and contractor power equipment.

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Our products are manufactured in the US and China and supplied through our distribution centres in China, Australia, Japan, Korea, Minnesota and Belgium.

We focus on highly engineered, quality products, industry-leading innovation and the solid partnerships we form with our customers and suppliers around the world.


1.      Lubrication these are equipment to service and maintain vehicles and machinery for longer life and more efficient operation. They include the Activators and Switches, Automatic (lubricate machine automatically when it works) and vehicle service lubrication which is a full line of quality equipment to streamline workflow and move more through your shop. The vehicle service lubrication is reliable, high quality equipment which you can depend on whenever you need it.

2.      Cleaning these products include

a)      Hazardous Environmental Cleaning these are pressure washers for heavy duty cleaning and maintenance for industrial and sanitary applications.

b)      Pressures washing these are suitable for homeowners, contractors, painters or sanitary and industrial applications.

3.      Insulation these are proportioners and spray guns to apply spray polyurethane form insulation. They include

a)      Air Sealing Attics and Rim Joists which are equipments that are used to create an air barrier under blown-in insulation in attics, or to seal and insulate rim joists.

b)      Roof and wall insulation these are equipments used in spraying foam insulation into residential and commercial buildings.

4.      Abrasive blasting is used for coat removal and surface preparation industry. This is an ecofriendly and cheap product.



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