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IBG HydroTech GmbH achieved NSF International Certification for its IBB16? Pressure Pipe Liner

IBG HydroTech GmbH, developer and manufacturer of high-quality products in the field of robotics, pipe cleaning and rehabilitation, achieved the NSF/ANSI 61 certification, the American National Standard for Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects, for its IBB16® pressure pipe Liner.

NSF International led the development of the American National Standards for all chemicals used to treat drinking water and materials/products coming into contact with drinking water. Today, government agencies around the world utilize NSF International standards to verify the safety and performance of water treatment chemicals, pipes and plumbing components and to ensure these products do not leach harmful levels of contaminants into drinking water.

For obtaining NSF/ANSI 61 certification, IBG HydroTech’s IBB16 was subject to rigorous testing and evaluation to verify the product meeting the requirements for use in potable water systems. NSF International also audited IBG HydroTech’s manufacturing facility, verifying compliance to the standard‘s requirements.

IBG HydroTech’s IBB16® pressure pipe Liner and related marketing materials can now bear the NSF/ANSI 61 mark and are listed on NSF International

NSF works closely with state, local and national regulatory authorities to gain recognition and acceptance for the NSF mark.

“We are very honored that our IBB16® potable water Liner is now certified. Trenchless pipe rehabilitation is already well established in the non-potable water sector. With our patented technology we are pioneers in the developing potable water market.” Norbert Olbrich, the Managing Director of IBG HydroTech GmbH.

The IBB16® technology is a trenchless pipe-in-pipe solution for all types of pressure pipe networks.


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