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Rockster Austria International GmbH: Austrian based developer and manufacturer of quality crushing and screening machinery

Rockster Austria International GmbH is a global manufacture of a complete line of track-mounted crushers and screens for the recycle, demolition and aggregate markets. Their mobile crushers and screeners are used for profitable and economical recycling of asphalt, concrete and construction waste, as well as for the efficient processing of natural stone.

Anita Gerstmayr, Marketing representative attest that Africa is an important market for their products. “We belief Africa to become an important market, as demand for mobile and more modern equipment is growing as well as recycling of construction material is starting in several areas, which is a special market segment Rockster is focusing on and specialized in”.

The “Rockster Team” consists exclusively of long-time market insiders, each bringing years of experience into perfecting the Rockster design concept, as well as being personally available to share their expertise with customers. Their crushers do not only provise environmentally friendly solutions for recycling, they also provide a valuable service through the promotion of the secondary resources economy.

With innovations like the patented DUPLEX system, patented double functional return belt, ROCKSTER repeatedly demonstrates its progressive approach towards improving and developing more efficient recycling methods. ROCKSTER machines are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. “Rockster units allow highest flexibility and mobility due to compact design, easy transport and shortest start up times as well as fast adaption to different applications for example by the patented Duplex system offering 2 crushing technologies on one base. Rockster focuses on robust design but also keeping the system easy to handle, understand and maintain.” she adds.

The reclamation of construction debris and the processing of virgin stone are a guaranteed step towards success for the modern contractor. Contractors should use the Rockster crushers for producing recyclate used in roads construction and other carbon-based materials. Landfills should be minimized if they want to establish processes of recycling and immediate re-use of the final grain on site. Additionally, transport costs and associated pollutants can be reduced.

The firm does not push its products onto the market but, it instead, driven by its customers’ needs. Thus, it has been attending several exhibitions and working closely with its distributor in Africa so as to understand clients’ challenges and then assist them to find solutions. This has makes Rockster to standout in this competitive market in Africa by supplying its equipment. “We delivered a set of machines for a tender for several municipalities in South Africa, who started up recycling projects for construction material,” affirms Gerstmayr.

Construction and demolition recycling and material processing are already major profit factors for many companies in the construction market. As a result the company has developed a new and better way of doing business, that’s the goal of Rocksters South Africa Distributor Mfangano Solutions based in Johannesburg, working with municipalities and contractors to deliver the right recycling machinery, at the right price, with the best environmental performance.

AS Gerstmayr finalizes she advises clients to check thoroughly on equipment they choose to buy. “Look for equipment, which keeps you flexible, which you can easily move to different job sites, which are easy to handle and maintain and still offers high performance and reliability. Look for Rockster”.

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