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Kwikspace modular building technology offers quick solution to school in South Africa

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Kwikspace, a leading manufacturer of prefabricated buildings has offered a rapid solution to a school in South Africa to ensure that learning would not be hampered. Hawston High School was in urgent need for alternative but quick building solution after brick and mortar building were declared unsafe due to structural problems. Kwickspace quickly mobilized its prefabricated buildings to the school.

This project entailed the relocation and delivery of 34 classrooms, two admin units, four ablution units, one  kitchen and two storage containers. The set-up of these modular buildings thus meant that an estimated figure of over 1 000 learners would be provided with suitable classrooms and amenities.

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Leon du Plessis, Regional Manager at Kwikspace said,“Education has the power to significantly enhance the future of South Africa’s economic strength; however, the lack of suitable infrastructure has the power to inhibit this outcome. Our buildings have proven to be an ideal solution to meet the need for suitable classroom space, particularly in instances such as this one where buildings are required as a matter of urgency.”

Kwikspace’s units are manufactured using fully insulated polyurethane injected panels – technology which is continually being enhanced. It has been proven that this technology allows temperatures to be effectively controlled and noise to be significantly reduced, and thus teachers and learners are able to function in a comfortable learning environment.

Due to the successful delivery of these units, learners and teachers were able to settle into their learning routines in the least amount of time possible.

For further information, contact Kwikspace on +27 11 617 8000 or visit www.kwikspace.co.za

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