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Mindtech Optoelectronic Limited-specializing in the manufacture of Solar LED energy products

Situated at Donglian Industrial Zone along Kengzi Road in Pingshan New District, Shenzhen province, China, Mindtech Optoelectronic Limited is a high technology enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of solar LED energy products, integrating R&D, manufacture and sales & supply of solar clean, LED energy-saving and environment protection solar energy solution to the world.

The company’s R&D Department consists of Structural and Electronics Engineers who are capable of designing and delivering new items within the shortest time possible.  A sample can be done within 2 weeks and an output of 100,000 sets per month. All of the company’s products are produced and inspected according to the IQC, IPQC, and FQC guidelines.


Products overview
  1. Solar radio lighting systems.

This series combines radio, Bluetooth, headset, music play, emergency light, and mobile charger into one power box, which can be charged by solar panel or by an adapter. Currently, the company has 10w, 30w, and 40w in stock. The representative models are SL210FM, SL216FM, and SL207FM.

2. DC home solar energy systems

This series combines emergency light and mobile charger into one box, some bigger solar system can load DC TV and fan, for example, the running time can be over 8 hours if load 4pcs 3w bulbs and one TV and one fan. This model can be charged by a solar panel or an adapter, the most popular one is SL207 and SL219.

3. LCD display solar lights

So as to cater to different market demands, Mindtech Energy has added a new function of a screen display on solar radio lighting systems and dc home solar energy systems. They have Time clock, date calendar, data of charging, and power shown easily from the symbol of the battery as well as the voltage of the battery.

4. Solar power inverter systems

This PV solar power system reverts solar power into AC to power electronic appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, TVs, fans, computers, air conditioner, etc. there are 300w, 500w, 700w, 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, 5000w, 10kw, 15kw, 20kw systems in stock.

5. Other products in Mindtech Energy product catalog include Rechargeable floodlights, Led tubes, led flood lights, led bulbs, solar lanterns, solar street lights, Solar Backpack, and Lubricant Sheets among others

35L Solar Backpack

The company provides after-sales services and spare parts.  Its warrant is 1 year for the battery, 2 years for LED lamp, and 5 years for solar panels.

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