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Orac Decor?; High Quality?Interior Decoration

Interior design is where the heart of Orac Decor heart is. For over 40 years, they have developed and manufactured decorative finishes for clients’ interior with great passion.  After all these years ORAC nv/sa is still a family business. As a pioneer, the company introduced synthetics technology (Duropolymer®, Durofoam® & Purotouch®) for the production of their decorative elements. It is the only way to offer exceptionally high quality combined with a fine finish and simple installation. It makes renovating interior or finishing project faster and a lot easier. All their products can be painted and many are multifunctional.

The company’s enormous product range goes from skirtingdecorative elementscornice and panel mouldings to profiles for indirect lighting. And they keep on innovating, year after year. This is a wide range of styles: classic, ornamental to modern and straight lined. There is BOUNDLESS CREATIVITY. Decorations the way clients want them, where they want them. With simplicity and technical ingenuity, the new MODERN collection offers unlimited possibilities for interiors, giving clients freedom to design their space in any way they like.

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Orac Decor® ornaments are made from advanced materials, so they are resistant, lightweight and easy to install. These unique product features distinguish Orac Decor® profiles from products made of wood, MDF or plaster. The majority of their products are made from a high-quality polyurethane that allows for sharp details (Purotouch®). Part of the collection is made from an extruded, impact-resistant polymer (Duropolymer®), while the basic collection uses Durofoam®. A large number of cornice mouldings, panel mouldings and skirting are available in a flexible variant: Orac® Flex. Naturally, all of these products can be painted immediately.

Africa is an important market for ORAC DECOR. On one hand the firm sells in large quantities for large compounds and real estate developments. On the other hand architects and interior designers specify their products in various high end luxury private villas, apartments, hotels. Besides ORAC DECOR is often used in hospitality because of its strengths and long life durability. The product is infinitely inspirational, very resistant and last for a long time. In this regard the ORAC DECOR products are often used in hotel build. Currently ORAC is getting supplied in various international hotel chains in South Africa, Zambia, Swaziland, Kenya to name but a few. ORAC DECOR can be bought in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

Orac Decor® allows you to bring beautiful, high-quality and long-lasting design into your home. They   strive for continuous improvement in all areas. That’s simple in theory, but in practice, the company’s objective requires extensive effort from product development to after-sales. In every department, the focus is on the customer. They only have one goal: to achieve a personally decorated space and an enthusiastic customer.

Outdoor applications

Both the Purotouch® and Duropolymer® products are suitable for use outdoors and in damp spaces. They are glued in the same way as the indoor applications, but with DecoFix Hydro rather than DecoFix Pro. Both products should be painted with quality outdoor paint.


Orac Decor® ornaments are resistant, light and easy to install. They are used just like light wood and are finished with quality paint. The terms and conditions of the warranty apply only if these instructions have been fully observed.

In addition the firm aims to limit the environmental impact of their activities as much as possible and consider the creation of a quality, safe and healthy working environment a priority. They make every effort to make continuous quality, safety and environmental improvements.

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  1. I have seen this interior decoration materials for a long time and would like to introduce it here in Ghana. I would like to be an agent eventually.


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