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Otieno-Adede Associates

Otieno-Adede Associates (OAA) is among the top architecture firms in Mombasa, Kenya serving the coastal county as well as the entire region. The firm was registered in 1994 as an associate in Nairobi but re-located to Mombasa in 1996, where it now bases its operations.

Registered as an Architectural firm in conformity to the regulations of the Architects and Quantity Surveyors Act Cap 525, the core business of the organization is to provide Architectural and Interior Design Consultancy to a broad spectrum of clients.

Quality, efficient services

Architect George Adede, the Principal Architect at the firm, said their mission is to help create an ambient atmosphere in offices, industries, homes, hospitals,etc by designing buildings that are sensitive to the users’ requirements and needs.

“We provide our clients with quality, efficient, reliable and diligent services at all times regardless of scope or nature of project,” he adds. Mr. Adede believes this is what gives them an edge against their competitors and make their services unique.

Throughout its 24 years of existence, the firm has acquired vast experience as well proven its capability through the number of significant projects it has taken part in. Among these large projects include the provision of master plan for Technical University of Mombasa campuses, the rehabilitation of Laikipia Airbase, the design of a multipurpose complex at Mombasa Memorial Cathedral and the design of Eden towers (offices and shopping complex at Likoni Ferry, Mombasa).

Others notable projects include the design of single accommodation units at Nyali Barracks, Mtongwe Navy Base, Mariakani Barracks, and Lamu Barracks. Despite most of these projects being based in Mombasa, the firm does not limit itself to one region or locality.


Otieno-Adede Associates has also partnered with various companies for some of its projects. These partners include Maxcad Consulting Engineers, Mwashinga & Associates Quantity Surveyors, Mashariki Geosurveys Ltd, and Yakub & Associates (M&E) Engineers – Consulting Services.

In a highly competitive market, Otieno-Adede Associates invests highly in the latest hardware and software and ensures its employees are provided with all tools necessary. The firm also creates an ambient working environment for its employees, encouraging independence and minimal supervision. This has enabled the company to thrive in its projects.


Otieno-Adede Associates also faces a number of challenges including penetration of quacks and unqualified consultants offering inferior yet cheap services. This has adversely affected the industry as unknowing clients fall for the wrong consultants.

Another challenge is the unreliable and time-consuming services from the local government authorities. Acquiring development plan approvals and building inspections take a lot of time, which consequently delays projects as well as increases the estimated budget. The services rendered by the local authorities are also substandard.

Despite the challenges, the firm is still hopeful for the future of architecture and interior design in Kenya and even beyond.




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