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POK; Leading manufacturer of?firefighting?equipment in France

Founded in 1976, POK® has built its brand worldwide on its know-how and the quality of its products. POK is now one of the most established and recognized European manufacturer in firefighting equipment. Over the last 40 years, their teams have shown their commitment to product innovation, quality of service and customer satisfaction with the sole purpose to provide the tools and solutions to the firefighters who are saving lives.

POK exports 60% of its production to more than 90 countries. With three different manufacturing units in the same site, POK builds a range of more than 5,000 different products. POK uses high technology, fully automated and computer-controlled production facilities working with highly rated new and recycled materials. Their teams are driven by a system of values and principles that places the customer at the center of their concerns. The company’s customers are spread all over the world and show a great trust.

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POK has full end-to-end control of its product life cycle: Design, Transformation, Assembly, Testing, Storing and Shipping. Each production process is being supported by a strong collaborative approach between their technical and service teams to manufacture a wide range of products to the highest standards. POK can also develop “tailor-made” products designed to meet the very specific customer needs.

Image_150 Mobile foam unit

According to Pascal Cambournac, International Sales Director, Africa is a key developing market which needs to be supported. POK Firefighting is providing all African industries, especially the mine, the petrochemical, the building and any other industries which are demanding high technology and reliable firefighting equipment. The firm also serves the fire brigades and the airport authorities. POK has developed specific remote controlled monitors for the African market and one of the big strength of POK is that they are able to provide from the smallest item, to the biggest one, such as 30,000LPM remote controlled monitors. The company has many local suppliers, which are stocking their products and are supporting the customers by also providing the needed training and maintenance. This is key to properly serve the African continent with the most careful and extensive local presence. Among some famous industries we can name some of POK’s customers such as :  Aramco, Sonatrac, Elf, Total, BP, the Italian, Spanish, US and French Navy, many building industry leaders and all the most famous fire brigades such as, among many others, the Paris and Istanbul fire brigades.

Poket Monitor

The company would advise potential customers to buy quality equipment. “We know that, on the markets, there are many players. The key advantage of POK products is that we offer reliable, long-life quality equipment and this makes the difference! We are also developing a genuine partnership with our partners and customers which makes it possible to also develop tailor-made products according to our customers technical specification. We are not only a firefighting equipment producers. We are also here to advise our customers and make sure they have the best products meeting their specific needs,’’ adds Pascal.

The company is keen to welcome their partners and suppliers to show them their state-of-the-art production site which is the most modern one in Europe. It is equipped with 24 Mazak CNC machine. The company’s Research and Development department is also open to anyone who would be pleased to come and visit them. Their quality is based on more than 40 years of experience and expertise in this business and this is priceless.

POK is also very proud of its unique compact robotic monitor: the Jupiter. It’s the only robotic monitor on the market which has been entirely designed, developed and manufactured by the same company. The Jupiter is highly appreciated by the petrochemical industries and the fire brigades which needs a super-efficient firefighting equipment, making it possible for the firefighters to stay very safe and to fight the fire in inaccessible or too dangerous spots.






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