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Precast Cement Products

Precast Cement Products has been based in Pinetown since 1957, and family run since 1976. They are manufacturers of concrete blocks to both the Domestic and Industrial market, they specialize in textured and colored face-blocks and boast a range of 13 different colors.

Unlike clay bricks, they are able to manufacture the same texture and color at a later stage for further alterations or additions.

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Precast Cement Products is committed to customer service and have the infrastructure in place to deliver throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal, and beyond

Some of the products manufactured by the company include building blocks which include fairface blocks, split face blocks and standard concrete blocks. Dry stack retaining blocks are also available while decorative blocks range from caps and grills to sills and lintel blocks. Experts in the company also offer guidelines on how a client can build using their cement blocks for longer life.

The products come in a range of color and the sizes can vary depending with the user.

Precast Cement Products ensures that products are made according to the order made by the client, and transportation is through a 3rd party contractor who doesn’t enter the premises of the client.

Price is made per product and it can always change with time.

According to Tyrone Brockton from precast cement products, the company’s products are found in Durban, South Africa and a potential buyer should ensure that their builder is neat and tidy.


Precast cement products
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