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RISEN Construction Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

RISEN Construction Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a Chinese based company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and exporting construction machines in the building, mining, energy, and logistic engineering sectors.

RISEN is able to provide a complete equipment package to clients from all walks of life. It has more than 1000 models in 8 major categories which are Crane, Earthmoving, and Road construction, Building & Concrete, Foundation, Logistic & Storage, Mining, and Trucks.

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The company is committed to offering its respectable customers high-quality products with reliable performance, competitive prices, and sincere services. It has more than 400 customer service centers spread across the globe. The centers are divided into information communication centers, centers to improve customer satisfaction, customer behavior analysis centers, and product marketing centers, which provide professional services including service center information, price consultations, technical support, product complaints, repairs, and spare parts inquiries, and sales support.

RISEN has successfully supplied qualified products and excellent service to more than 40 countries around the world. In the past years, RISEN’s tower crane was used to build new shopping malls in the center of Bangkok, Thailand, while its road rollers and graders were employed in the construction of a new highway road project in Algeria. RISEN’s excavator has also been used by binners when digging for gold.

“No best, only better”, RISEN is always fulfilling this idea in both product quality and the service delivery.

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