RSB Formwork Technology GmbH

RSB has focused on advanced formwork solutions for circular structures since the company was founded in 1978. Today RSB is the world’s leading supplier of circular formwork, with satisfied customers all around the globe. They value the products and services provided and rely on its expertise.

RSB offers one-stop shopping for a complete range of products and services: consultation, planning, engineering, project management, formwork and assembly.

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The main advantages of RSB formwork are simple, fast assembly/disassembly, no through-wall ties, and self supporting bowl and dome formwork.

RSB experts strive to develop the optimum product solutions for each customer’s requirements. They offer the best possible transfer of know-how during completion of your projects.

Another RSB service is just-in-time delivery of their special formwork solutions to the construction site. Their project team and the on-site erection superintendent see to it that the entire formwork process runs smoothly and professionally.

Their specialists will support you all the way from the design phase to series production, and customer service. Each individual step in the process must be carefully planned and coordinated.

Roland Martin, Area Sales Manager says that their products are suitable to be used all over the world where they are needed majorly in circular constructions like tanks, digester and water towers.

He concludes and says that they have been involved in several African projects in countries like; Algeria, Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Libya, Niger, Benin and Equatorial Guinea.

RSB Formwork Technology GmbH
Roland Martin
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