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S.K industries was founded in 1961 and in 1975 SKI became one of the first Manufacturers to be approved by UNICEF for Deep well Hand pump India Mark II. Today they make over 25 different kinds of Hand pumps & Treadle Pumps in multiple factories in India and supply quality pumps in over 44 countries.

Their products include; Shallowell Hand pump; India Mark 2 Hand Pump; India Mark 3 Hand Pump; Centrifugal Pumps; PVC Pipes; Micro Manual Treadle Pump and; Metal/ Zimbabwe treadle Pumps

In addition to Mark 2 , Afridev & Treadle pumps, they also make the Tara Hand pump, Rope pump (Various versions ), the Indus/Kabul/Pamir Pump, Malda Pump, Volanta Pump, Maya Yaku pump, Jibon Pump , U3 Modified Hand pump etc.

The company has setup base in Africa due to the immense business opportunity available in the continent. This is mainly in rural areas where there is no power connection and the locals there mainly rely on the locally available materials to get ordinary tasks done. Water is life, for this reason, S.K Industries provides equipment tailor made to meet individual needs to provide clean and cost efficient water pump solutions.

The Shallowell hand pump for example, designed by UNICEF is made almost entirely of cast iron. It is simple to use and pumps water of not more than 7m. The Malawian treadle pump requires human effort for it to work efficiently. It can be operated by one person standing on the treadles or by two people standing on opposite directions. The pump can deliver up to 5000 liters per hour if its 5000 meters deep when operated by one person weighing around 60-70 kgs.

They have clients all over the continent and pride themselves to be among the leading exporters of hand pumps and treadle pumps in the continent.



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