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Sharewell HDD ; the leading supplier of downhole drilling tools, guidance systems and services for the Horizontal Directional Drilling industry

Partnering with contractors involved in pipeline, telecommunications and utility projects, Sharewell is your complete solution for any size HDD project. Sharewell was founded in 1984 utilizing down hole technology from the oilfield to become the first service company in the world dedicated solely to servicing the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) pipeline and utility industry.

With it’s associates, Sharewell developed the patented Tru-Tracker system of locating downhole steering sensors. This system has been utilized to successfully complete millions of feet of pilot hole since. In 1992 Sharewell introduced an entire line of downhole tooling making us the first HDD service company to provide a complete tooling package to its HDD contractors.

Two key pieces of Sharewell’s technology arsenal are systems that the company teamed with it’s partners to develop: its Wireline Steering System and TruTracker System. The Wireline Steering System gave contractors real-time information while they were drilling to determine location with increased accuracy. The TruTracker system is an industry staple that provides accurate determination of the location of the drill bit during the drilling operations, even in areas of magnetic interference. This system has been used to successfully complete millions of feet of pilot hole since.

As the industry grew, rock formations became more prevalent leading Sharewell to partner with Downhole Design, Inc to develop a hole opener that could be used to cut multiple hole sizes on a single body, while limiting the amount of torque the drilling rig would be subjected too. This was the birth of the LoTorque hole opener. “We provide downhole tools and services for the HDD industry. We have industry leading rock cutting tools (we are the exclusive worldwide distributor for Smith Bits in HDD) and we have a cutting edge Gyro steering tool which we have introduced to the market recently.

Africa is a potentially large market for us as the HDD industry expands there. Alongside the large pipeline projects of recent years, we have seen HDD being used for utility installation more and more, which is a very positive sign for the industry in Africa. The company works with some Rig manufacturers who do have distributors and agents in Africa,” explains Dan Billig Ceng EMEA Operations Director.

Sharewell continues to seek out strategic partnerships to provide quality service to the HDD industry. The company is currently striving to introduce new advancements in guidance technologies. It’s staff has over a century of drilling experience. Within the group, they have several industry leaders which gives them an unrivalled position to be able to advise and support their customers through the most challenging of projects. The company has earned its customers’ trust by consistently delivering reliability, innovation and performance since it was established.





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