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Trinic LLC: Manufacturer / distributor of high-performance admixtures for wet cast, GFRC, and UHPC

Trinic is a unique company of dedicated team members. They manufacture additives and premixes used in the production of Architectural (UHPC) and Decorative (GFRC) concrete. Their customers include producers of building cladding, facades, tiles, concrete countertops, and other decorative elements. They serve customers all around the world.

Their owners, Bob Chatterton and Mark Celebuski, developed a powdered admix that replaces numerous liquid ingredients necessary for the production of GFRC for decorative concrete elements. This first product became, what is now, TEC-10 and Trinic LLC. was born in 2010. By listening to their customers, they continue to improve their products and seek to develop new products that the industry needs. This, combined with their caring approach to technical and customer support, along with hands-on workshops, has propelled their company’s growth.  With recent upgrades to their state-of-the-art batch plant, They are well positioned to continue that growth into the future.

After 11 years, they have reached a point where they need to focus on distribution. People that try their products really like them. Customers enjoy working with Trinic, as they are able to help them perfect their craft. Recent supply chain issues have really emphasized Trinic’s need for global distribution partners. They recently attended the World of Concrete 2022 and Decorative Concrete Live events in Las Vegas, in an effort to find those strategic partners. Africa would mostly be new territory for Trinic’s products. They’ve had some sales here through the years, but never had a logistics partner in place to sustain any real growth.

In every interaction Trinic aims to leave customers, vendors and employees feeling listened to, validated, confident and so well taken care of, their heart is well settled. They hope to assist each customer in making their businesses exceed their expectations and their lives exceed their dreams.


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