TZ Austria

The history of TZ Austria starts in 1987, when Erich Glaser founded the company “Tischlerei Glaser & Co”. The workshop in Spannberg, near Vienna, which was originally 800m², had to be extended by a further 2700m² just six years after opening.

The large demand and the related business success allowed the continuous investment in research and machinery. Meanwhile, the company’s workspace in Austria has grown to more than 10000m². Today, TZ Austria is one of the highest quality and more reliable suppliers to the furniture and door industry in the world.

The success is based on the constant optimisation of the production processes in combination with well-educated employees, the excellent quality of the materials used and very modern machinery.

Since 2009, TZ has also become active beyond Austria’s borders and has branches in Asia, Australia and America as well as those in Europe. They also have some customers in the North African countries, like Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Nigeria.

In general TZ worldwide group is well known for furniture parts/components and all kind of customized furniture, especially kitchen, wardrobes, Vanities and loose furniture. Their main products are super special TecnoGlas High Gloss and Matt surfaces which is an outstanding product with super shiny surface, deep and bright effect of glossiness and good scratch resistance.

Builders and project managers are facing more and more problems to find and all-in solution for interior furnishings. Mostly seperate companies need to be engaged for different areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. As opposed to this, TZ offers an all-in solution for your whole project.

In order to reduce delivery and installation costs and to optimise the fitting, they offer several types of connection systems. Kitchens, cupboards, bathroom furniture and much more are either delivered assembled or disassembled in flatpack variants.

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Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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