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VERGNET Group- a leading global renewable energy solutions provider

Established in 1989, VERGNET is a global renewable energy provider delivering reliable and affordable clean energy solutions, with a focus and expertise on remote areas with limited infrastructures or extreme climatic conditions.

Wind energy solutions 

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VERGNET provides wind energy solutions in both medium and Large-Scale. VERGNET designs and manufactures the GEV MP-C 275kW. First developed for extreme cyclonic conditions, the GEV MP-C wind turbines are easily installed, transported, and maintained. VERGNET’s turbine range is among the best performing in the medium wind sector with strong production yields, with more than 900 medium-scale wind turbines installed by the Group worldwide. VERGNET’s expertise also includes the design and installation of large-scale wind farms, using its own as well as third-party wind turbines. The Group has signed industrial partnerships with MW-class wind turbine manufacturers and has installed 120 MW in the large-scale wind sector.

Photovoltaic solutions 

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VERGNET provides solar photovoltaic (PV) energy solutions with full EPC service on grid-connected and off-grid plants worldwide. Photovoltaic plants enable customers to generate clean, competitive energy, with low maintenance, tailored to the needs of the project and environment. VERGNET PV designs rely on proven and leading photovoltaic technologies provided by Tier-1 manufacturers and supporting modules and structure resistant to salinity and high-speed winds to procure efficient and high-quality solar plants in remote areas and islands.

Hybrid energy solutions  

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VERGNET’s patented hybrid solution, Hybrid WizardTM, maximizes renewable energy penetration with real-time grid power quality feedback. Able to integrate any combination of wind, photovoltaic, and storage, this hybrid controller is innovative, self-adaptive, and automated. Hybrid WizardTM successfully manages off-grid systems ranging from 25%- 40% average Renewable Energy penetration with or without storage, and up to 100% Renewable Energy + Battery in grid forming configuration, where diesel generators are off and started only for backup.

VERGNET has delivered tum key power plants totaling up to over 365MW across 40 countries worldwide and spanning across six continents.


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