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6 tips you need to know when grouting in Africa heat

Grouting in Africa heat can pose challenges, particularly during summer’s grueling heat and humidity. Quick-fix solutions may sound great right now, but in the long run they often prove more trouble than they’re worth.

To save some time and avoid problems down the road, we encourage you to follow these 6 best practices if grouting in Africa heat:

1Use grouts like Polyblend® or Prism® (polymer-modified cementitious grouts) that are specifically designed to retain moisture and promote correct curing within a wide range of conditions.

2 Keep your grout cool by leaving your bags in the shade or inside a structure – and away from the sun and heat. Mix your grout powder with cool water (use ice to cool the water if necessary).

3 Don’t use excessive amounts of water to mix your grout (and don’t remix with additional water). Doing so will soften and powderize your grout as well as impact the color.

4Try to grout in the mornings or early evenings to avoid the mid-day heat. If possible, shade your tile project to protect it from higher temperatures.

5 Just before you grout the tile, lightly dampen it with clean, cool water. By cooling down your tile you’ll stop it from drawing the moisture out of your grout too quickly.

6 After completing your tile installation, cover it for 72 hours with 30 pound, non-sticking kraft paper. If your tile installation is left exposed, make sure to mist it periodically.


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