Centragale Private Limited to Construct 100-MegaWatt Wind Farm Plant in Zimbabwe

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Centragale Private Limited has applied for a license to construct a 100-megawatt wind farm at Mamina in Mhondoro Ngezi, Zimbabwe. Reportedly, Dinson Iron and Steel Company is set to offtake the generated power of the plant once completed. Dinson Company is famous for its large steelworks in Manhinze, Mvuma and requires a lot of power for its operations.

Importantly, the Centragale wind power plant will be connected to Manhinze through double lynx line. Noteworthy, the double line will be constructed at 30-km and will have 132kv capacity. Additionally, the plant will be owned, maintained and operated by Centragale limited.

Importantly, wind energy in Zimbabwe has remained untapped and under-utilized. In 2017, Zimbabwe invited for bids on companies to conduct wind energy feasibility study but the program remained on hold in 2018. Additionally, Zimbabwe government is putting mechanisms of reducing power imports in place. Furthermore, Zimbabwe eyes to become a net power exporter thus embarking on new power generation projects.

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Zimbabwe’s projected renewable energy capacity by 2025

Zimbabwe National renewable Energy Policy targets to boost the country’s renewable capacity to 1100MW by 2025 including Centragale Wind Plant. Last year the Zimbabwe government received funds from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to explore potential in wind energy resources.  The policy aims installation of 250000 solar geysers and promotion of solar mini-grids as well as solar water pumping technologies. To encourage renewable energy investments, the South African country is offering duty and tax exemption incentives to pension and insurance companies.

Reportedly, Zimbabwe has been looking to drive investments using alternative power sources. The government further agreed on a master plan to develop a town between Mvuma-Chvhu and Manhinze following industrialists growing interest. The new town would likely to accommodate 30000 residents.

Moreover, this comes amidst global calls against use of coal-fuelled power plants. Major mining institutions are leading in solar power solutions by constructing private plants. For instance, Caledonia Mining Cooperation has put up a 12 mw solar plant near Blanket Mine in Matabeleland.

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