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Construction has begun on a new Wilmac corio industrial park in Melbourne

Construction has begun on a new Wilmac corio industrial park in Melbourne following robust sales that resulted in 70 percent of the initial phase being sold within three months.Wilmac corio is being developed at the location of 128-146 O’Briens Rd. It is highlighted as the sole new industrial warehouse endeavor in Geelong that offers warehouse spaces exceeding 1000 square meters.

This project marks the quickest-selling venture for Wilmac Properties, a developer based in Melbourne. They are venturing into the region for the second time, having previously finished a 70-lot industrial project named Industria in Breakwater during 2021.

The second phase of the project has just been introduced to the market. The task of promoting the project has been assigned to commercial agents Darcy Jarman and Knight Frank.

Tim Darcy from Darcy Jarman mentioned that there has been robust demand from industrial users for this project. In stage one, only two buildings are left, while in stage two, one warehouse has already been sold. These outstanding sales outcomes underscore the robustness of the industrial market in Greater Geelong, according to Mr. Darcy.

Buyers are particularly drawn to the project due to its high-quality development and the spaciousness of the warehouses. Wilmac’s product has struck a chord with buyers, effectively addressing a gap in the market.

These warehouses are meticulously designed to cater to owner-occupiers who are seeking to establish themselves in the strategically significant industrial gateway of greater Geelong.

Up to this point, the project has attracted interest from local purchasers, as well as individuals from greater Melbourne who recognize the advantageous value proposition offered by Geelong.

Completion date for  Wilmac corio industrial park

C3 Construction Group has initiated the construction process, and the first stage is projected to be finished by mid-2024.

New Wilmac corio industrial park is strategically positioned within the primary industrial area of Geelong, Melbourne, conveniently situated near the Geelong Ring Road.

The development provides a range of warehouses with different sizes and loading setups, spanning from 1500 square meters to 2750 square meters. The pricing starts at $2300 per square meter.

Each of the 12 standalone properties includes a spacious private hardstand area and secure gated entry accessible via a central estate road.

The warehouses are designed to include first-floor offices measuring 195 square meters each, along with sizeable 5×5 meter roller doors that are shielded by cantilevered awnings.

With springing heights exceeding 8 meters, noticeable signage zones, 3-phase power supply, and 6kW solar systems are integrated into the warehouses.

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