Niger State Government Signs Off 556 km Road Construction Project.

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Niger State Government has signed a contract agreement with BENIJ Nigeria Limited, a private consultancy firm for the provision of consultancy services for an extensive road construction project spanning 556 km across all 25 Local Government Areas of the state. The signing ceremony, held at the Niger State Government Lodge in Abuja, aligns with Governor Muhammed Umaru Bago’s Urban Renewal policy.

Current State Of Road Construction In Niger State.

Despite awarded road contracts, slow progress persists, exemplified by the incomplete Minna-Suleja road. Niger State faced a surge in road accidents during the previous year. This caused 212 fatalities out of 2,168 individuals involved in 334 accidents by August. The Federal Road Safety Corps noted a 26% rise in crashes compared to the previous year. While multiple factors contribute to accidents, deteriorating road conditions play a significant role.

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Governor Bago highlighted the significance of the consultancy firm’s involvement, emphasizing the importance of quality control and optimal resource utilization. Engaging BENIJ Nigeria Limited strategically ensures the State’s 556 km road construction project meets high standards delivering value for money. This partnership signals the commencement of the first phase of road projects, with more initiatives in the pipeline.

Completion Date For The Project Design.

The consultancy firm is tasked with producing detailed designs for the projects within a five-week timeframe. Lead Consultant of BENIJ Nigeria Limited, Olatunji Ajayi, assured the Niger State Government of the firm’s unwavering commitment to delivering expertise that guarantees exceptional quality.

Key representatives attended the contract signing for the 556 km road construction project in Niger State. Hassan Etsu, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Works, signed on behalf of the state government, while Olatunji Ajayi, Lead Consultant of BENIJ Nigeria Limited, signed on behalf of the consulting firm.

This collaborative endeavor marks a significant stride towards advancing Niger State’s infrastructure and fostering economic growth. The state’s commitment to addressing its road network’s deficiencies underscores its dedication to progress and development.

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