TETFund Announces Commitment To Finalize 175 Neglected Projects Across Nigeria.

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Mr. Sonny Echono, the Executive Secretary of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund), has announced the organization’s commitment to finalize approximately 175 neglected projects within various higher education institutions across Nigeria. Echono attributed the abandonment of these projects to the actions of some institutional leaders who halted previous work.

Echono noted that they have scheduled the inauguration of some of the abandoned projects for completion in the coming weeks. However, others may need more substantial attention, possibly leading to contract reevaluation.

Proposed Completion Date For TETFund To Finalize Neglected Projects In Nigeria.

He emphasized that TETFund’s commitment to finalizing neglected projects has a dedicated completion date within the current year and the following one. Speaking at a seminar held in Lagos, Echono expressed his bewilderment at why some leaders, rectors, and provosts would treat their campuses as personal estates. He also urged institutional leaders not to disregard inherited structures and initiatives merely because they were not the original initiators.

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Regarding the long-abandoned library project at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), which has been dormant for over five years. Echono indicated that TETFund’s commitment to finalizing such projects would need to intervene in the matter. He mentioned that FEC initially awarded the contract for the UNILAG library project. If determined that the contractor lacks competence, they could terminate the contract. Alternatively, if deemed capable, they may allocate additional funding to expedite its completion.

Echono also addressed the plight of scholars who received scholarships to study in remote areas such as the Far East. He acknowledged the challenges arising from fluctuations in the exchange rate and the increased cost of living. To prevent similar issues in the future, TETFund plans to adjust the pattern of scholarship awards. They will be allocating 30% for foreign study and 70% for local education.

In conclusion, the Executive Secretary encouraged desk officers to view themselves as intermediaries between TETFund and their respective educational institutions, emphasizing the importance of meeting their responsibilities and expectations.

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